CORALIFE Coaching is based out of Boston, MA. However, coach and client can meet in-person or virtually, using a method determined by the comfort level of the client. Therefore, helping individuals all over the country meet their work/life goals. While trained as a generalist coaching professional, CORALIFE focuses on “career-oriented life enhancement” by partnering with clients looking to improve the quality of their small to medium-sized businesses and personal wellness.

Common topics may be entrepreneurship, how to launch, small business, business building, real estate agents/brokers, general sales, and/or how these integrate into everyday life. And – we realize that sometimes you need more than a coach. We can also form relationships for mentoring, advising, consulting or speaking engagements clients. In addition, if you feel you have a need outside the category or beyond our scope, please give us a call for a referral. We offer free coach-matching services.

Life Coaching

Maybe you don’t have a fulfilling career or are in the middle of a transition. Let us help you focus on you – where you are, where you want to be, and what it takes to get there.

Business Coaching

Results oriented approach to increasing productivity, time management, task organization, goal prioritization, and team leadership.

Real Estate Coaching

Knowing the industry helps us explore your ability for improved sales & processes based around your goals. Weather the ups and downs with a trusted guide.



When you need more than a coach, let’s chat. We can verbally walk through your challenges to guide you. Great for all business stages from pre-launch to growth.


Beyond partnering, in certain fields we can point you in the right direction using our own experiences & tips. Best for entrepreneurs that are just launching a small business.


A thorough analysis of your current business operations with a guided plan and timeline for improvements. Best for small businesses in a growth stage looking to get to the next level.


We offer various workshops, seminars, trainings, and keynote engagements in the fields of real estate, sales, growth mindset, and coaching – both separate, or where they meet for success.

Coach Matching

Because we are not always a perfect fit – let us help you find the matching piece. This is a free service – we want you to succeed, even if it’s not with us.

CORALIFE Coaching offers a structured, yet flexible and affordable, plan. For more information, please visit our pricing page.